Gwen in Summary

Simpler web automation.

A Java runtime, a web browser, your favourite text editor, and the Gwen interpreter is all you need to start automating.

No clickety-click drag-drop mouse-pointy UI or dev-centric page-object code-compiling IDE or plugin required.

The interpreter is open source.

The automation is reusable, scalable, and shareable.

Many execution modes including sequential, parallel, dry run, and interactive REPL are provided.

Many reporting formats including JUnit XML, cucumber JSON, and pretty HTML are supported.

JavaScript can be injected in places if needed.

A CLI makes it easy to run locally and integrate with any on-premise or on-cloud build server.

Git ready workspaces make it easy for teams to collaborate.

A package manager downloads and installs native browser drivers for you.

Built on Gherkin and Selenium.

Easy to run on BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, Aerokube Selenoid and other grids.

Matured in industry for over 4 years.

Active user community is growing.

Gwen home page:

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Feedback welcomed.

Published by

Branko Juric

Imperative by day and functional by night. Co author of the Gwen automation platform.

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